what a Mon to start with

March 6, 2006

I couldn’t really get to sleep last night. It was pointless. Perhaps I’ve slept too much during the period, where I was recuperating. Other than that, the jumpy music that Sis had turned on really made me all jumpy and energetic in the mind. I just couldn’t lull myself at all.

Until of course, she slept =.=

Been gruelling to start the week with. Okay perhaps not, considering I don’t have anything that really required my attention today. Finished my homework. Went through tutorial without doing it, as always. Went hungry.

Yes. My goodness today’s was terrible. I had really bad gastric attacks, or so I’d figure. They were these cramps that came in like a gushing tsunami. The later, the harder it crashed. All in the stomach! I had a hard time keeping myself composed, feeding myself with sweets until I felt better. Man…

Yes. I have a test tomorrow. I have yet to study for it. In all honesty, I really am not up to it as of now. I’m feeling so tired and really would appreciate a good sleep and all. 7 hours tomorrow. Will I survive?

One thing to look forward to: Concert!

Yes, some entertainment at least! Hope I won’t sleep through it or anything. Feel like taking a break from everything, though I’m supposed to have had enough of breaks.

Been dreaming too much. Been fantasizing too much. What do I want really? Can I have it surely?


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