March 5, 2006

Has been missing for almost a whole week. Can’t really blame me. After my alright of a Monday, I was down with fever and very funny weird ailments all over me. Had to be brought to the Doc’s, ended up with 2 days worth of MC and missing my very first 2 midterm tests of the semester.

What a way to start it all!

Yeah, and so ended up dealing with how to get make-up tests in place of my absence. Somehow, tutors of the now are rather lazy too. They don’t want to make extra test papers. Therefore, all I can hope for is that the missing percentage of my marks will be made up for in some other way, somehow.

Sheesh, not as if I was absent intentionally. What is the world coming to? Why would any normal living thing curse itself to fall sick so badly just to skip tests? I’m not that moronic, okay.

Therefore, I ended up camping in my Sis’ room for the rest of the week cos’ then it’ll be convenient for my Mama and everything else.

It was a bad experience, when I finally went back to school on the Thursday. I was sweating so profusely, I’d thought I’d dehydrate somewhere on campus and just lay there unconscious or something. I don’t know what’s wrong with my system. Totally has me in the not-know. Friday was thankfully not as bad. School was becoming normal to me. It just really tired me out walking all that distance.

It has really been weird with all that funny ailments and on-off fever. Challenging to deal with, especially when even the Doc doesn’t know what’s wrong with the back of my throat. Weird.

Been having real weird dreams too. What in the world is going on o_O Really beats me.

Shall post about the dreams in their proper dates: backposted.


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