March 5, 2006

Last Thursday night (02 Mar ’06), I had another weird dream.

I don’t know why I saw those few guys inside the dream but I did. Somewhere in the dream, I was supposed to be on my way home. Apparently some of them left first in another cab. Then I don’t know what happened next, but I ended up in that very cab. Inside the cab were: Alv, another guy and Hsl. All of them seem normal, the way I’ve always known them to be. But I just don’t remember the reason I got into the same cab as they did. Hsl, however, was in a lazed lying down position. All four of us were in the back passengers’ seat of the cab. Don’t ask how we fit into it, but it just was like that. I just can’t recall ever looking at the other guy’s face but I could feel his presence there. Hsl, was the way he was, because he was tired from having just booked out of camp, as told by Alv. And somewhere in the middle of it, my mind analysed how tired he always seemed, probably because of the same reason.

The cab travelled a very long distance but I don’t know how we reached to a weird place. A place where the soil was moist, orangey-clay coloured, and I’d thought I saw skulls. Perhaps, I didn’t. Then we got off the cab and someone was talking to us…

The scene then changed. I was at another guy’s place, probably Jon’s. I don’t know why but I just felt that the room belonged to him. The walls were filled with graffitti, all cartoon-like, in blue painted walls. They even told a story, that I managed to analyse the graffitti but can’t recall consciously. They belonged to a girl. I don’t know who that girl is, but it felt as if the girl was particularly important to Jon in some way or another…

Talk about weird. This one actually involved my friends, the ones I actually talk to or have seen lately. What was the dream trying to tell me?!



  1. i think ppl should try to decipher their dreams. Its like reading ur life from tea leaves. hahaa

    plus, u may hv remembered the dream differently. better not risk it and interpret it wrongly.

  2. lol so is it better to try interpreting or not? o_O

    if there is a definite interpretation of it, i’d be happy to hear it. of course, it’s hardly plausible unless the person who comes up with it happens to know me truely

    remembering the dream wrongly could be possible if you didn’t write about it straight after you’ve woken up. so when the dream’s still fresh, better to note it down 😀

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