pregnant; chase; contact lenses

February 27, 2006

Backposted: 05 Mar ’06 16:57hrs

I had a series of weird dreams, starting from last Friday. When I say weird, I really mean weird…

Something wasn’t on time of late and it was just plain weird, thinking that it should probably be regular already. But, even Mama got kinda worried cos’ maybe there’s something wrong with my diet or something or I’m not as healthy as I seem.

Then it came about where last Friday night I dreamt that I was heavily pregnant. Hilariously, the pregnancy wasn’t anything painful and my paunch turned out to be of a very odd shape. Rectangular. I was half-laughing in my dream, or so I recalled. The rectangular tummy came about when I felt the water bag burst and the legs of the so-called baby could actually be visualised pointing up towards my face. It was as if the baby’s body could be visualised by the naked eye of an onlooker. All the people around me had to do was to push the baby’s legs and the baby was on it’s way out of me o_O Then it was out. All I could remember after that was that perhaps my Mama or some lady took the baby. When I got it back nice and warm cuddled beside me, the baby was somehow dressed to look like a panda. Not so much of dressed, but looking like a panda except for it’s human face. Yet, I was still cuddling it, feeling it’s warmth beside me.

When I woke up and recalled all that. I was just in awe and amazement. What kind of dream was that?

Saturday night, had me chasing for something, again. This time I had a companion in hand, who somehow reminded me of Jl. Then again, the Jl in my dream was a tad too skinny than the one I know. It’s just the feeling that I know her to be her. I was running around all over this shopping mall of sorts with her, trying to find a way to the catch the subway. Somewhere in the middle of the chase, I thought I saw Frn. I just felt his presence in there. It was just a glimpse and then I was chasing again. Running all over the place, till I think we crossed the entrance platform of the station. I don’t know if we actually got into the train or not. Somewhere in the adventure, I’d thought I was at the staircase, the kind where you’d usually find in those cemented carparks. Can’t recall what happened there, I just know it wasn’t anything positive. There was this scary feeling…

Last night, had me dreaming that my contact lenses had problems. Problems, where in the lenses could disintegrate into pieces of a circular puzzle; broken into the respective circumferences of the lense, followed by it’s colour; since I wore coloured contact lenses. It seemed all too real, especially when my lenses were green in the dream. I was there, facing the mirror and taking out the lense. Starting with the most problematic eye of mine, left. Taking the lense out, piece by piece, ala circumference by circumference. It was all too freaky…

Talk about strange.

Am I weird or are my dreams weird?


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