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Post XX: sense of achievement

February 23, 2006

Another sense of achievement on my part!

Half an hour ago, I succeeded getting 5.0/5.0 for my very first Gradiance Lab Assignment. Then again, the assignment may prove to be trivial in the sense that probably the rest of the cohort completed it in like half an hour or so? I just have this hunch that they’re so much smarter than me.

But, there’s still the consolation that I got it all right all on my own! With the aid of lab previous lab exercises and references to those that were supposed to be done during the lab sessions we had.

Feels so accomplishing. Took about 2.5 hours to get them all right. Nevertheless, it makes me feel happy.


Like when I completed my first CS2104 lab, though I think that was a trivial one too. 🙂

Back to clearing up the rest of the avalanche.


Memo 1: on track?

February 23, 2006

Yeayness. I’ve cleaned the mess in my room. Hope it’ll last ’till the semester ends. Can’t wait for it to end!

Then again, there’s so much to do before it’ll be able to end. Sobs…

I have yet to clean up my avalanche.




  1. CS2102 Gradiance Lab Assignment by Thursday 23 Feb ’06 at 5.00pm
  2. CS2301 Draft of my task & layout ideas by Friday 24 Feb ’06
  3. LAT3201 Comprehension & Lesson 47 by Friday 24 Feb ’06
  4. CS2104 Lab Assignment 2 by Friday 10 Mar ’06


  • CS2104 on Tuesday 28 Feb ’06 missed it 😦
  • CS1231 on Wednesday 01 Mar ’06 missed it 😦
  • LAT3201 on Friday 03 Mar ’06
  • LAT3201 on Monday 06 Mar ’06 Thursday 09 Mar ’06
  • CS2102 on Tuesday 07 Mar ’06
  • GEK1519 on Thursday 09 Mar ’06


  • CS2301 First Draft of User Manual Proj on Wednesday 01 Mar ’06
  • CS2301 Final Draft of User Manual Proj on Wednesday 08 Mar ’06
  • LAT3201 First Draft of Newsletter Proj on Friday 10 Mar ’06



Okay… Think I’d better start doing something before I waste time away again.