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February 21, 2006

Thinking through, all that’s in the past may not be able to be salvaged from the disaster and all…

Perhaps I’ll deposit some memories here for a bit. Until all becomes clear, that is. At least I have a let-out somewhere in this mash of an Internet. It helps me think clearly at times. Really helps me sleep better. Helps me get rid of whatever burden there is in the grey matter and in the beating organ. Helps me breathe.

Really missed out on getting it all out for since like a week or two. It’s been rather hard not to have those thoughts or moments consistently bugging me. I lost my source of let-out and still am hoping that source gets out of crisis safe and sound. Still, the inevitable might just happen. I might just lose 2 years of memories.

My dear friend Sm did mention starting over. To start afresh. It did crossed my mind. Still, it’s not really about starting over or not. It’s about really trying to keep track of how my mind works and how I’ve evolved in various ways. Cos’ reading back really helps me analyse. At times I do find the change starkingly hilarious. At times I realise just how blinded I was by the obvious.

It’s enlightening.

I’ll be here for a bit until the time comes. Hello World! 🙂

note-to-self: Backposting of recent thoughts will be made.


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